Should I quit my job to do FBA?

ASKCategory: QuestionsShould I quit my job to do FBA?
Reaper asked 3 weeks ago

Just heard about this and am hype to start. But at what point should I be quitting my job with FBA?

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1 Answers
Sprice World Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Hey Reaper,

Firstly, welcome to the FBA journey! This journey is going to take commitment, but this is exactly why I created this website; to encourage everyone on this path. 

Never quit your job for something you just heard about, PERIOD. A good litmus test would be when your new FBA venture have constantly bring in 2 to 3 times your current monthly income for 6 months consecutively. 

You will need cashflow and you need to LIVE! You got monthly expenses like bills, food, rent etc which will not go away with FBA. A job still comes in handy while you work on this after working hours. That’s what I call my own “Happy Hours” whenever I am working on Amazon FBA.
Why 6 months consecutively? That is the test of sustainability and that the products you have are consistently bringing in the bacon. 

Hope this brings insight to you and you have not tendered your resignation.

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