Selling by Amazon FBA & More

Why a journey? Because simply it is one. There are simply no get rich quick scheme out there that is sustainable and repeatable.

Indeed, this life itself is a journey and can be likened to be a marathon. This is going to be a ride of our lifetime.

We will grow so much along the way and learn much more about ourselves than if we did not embark on this journey.

This is a marathon, not a short-distance race.

These few months have been very interesting as I begin to venture out into the unknown life to achieve that entrepreneurial dream.

Is it really possible to be successful selling on AMAZON outside of the USA? Are the other online methods like affiliate marketing etc. which many gurus keep blowing their trumpet on work?

This personal website aims to record down the many ups and downs of my entrepreneurial journey. I would like to invite you to join me in this trip of a lifetime and I pray that my successes and failures will be useful for you.

The content written here are my own research, opinions and recommendations which are all open to fruitful discussion.

I will be sharing my views on certain resources as I use them in my adventures. You can check them under product reviews.