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This is my honest review of Payability. While they have extended a partnership with me, what I write here is what I feel is best for my readers, especially those selling via Amazon FBA. I strive to provide the facts and the final decision is up to you.

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What is Payability?

To break this down to its simplest form, Payability pays you in advance daily as opposed to waiting 2 weeks for Amazon to pay you.

Payability provides flexible funding solutions to online marketplace sellers which includes Amazon FBA sellers. It offers daily cash flow payout with seamless instant access to funding once you met the minimum criteria.

Unlike traditional financing solutions (Think credit card), Payability’s approval is based on your Amazon Seller account health and sales performance. Approval for financing can be obtained within 24 hours.

It started its service in 2016 and have provided close to US$1b+ in advance funding to thousands of sellers.

Payability supports sellers on, Tophatter, Walmart, NewEgg, Etsy, Jet, Shopify and more.

Source: Youtube. How does Payability works?

There are 3 main solutions Payability offers.

  • InstantAccess
  • InstantAdvance
  • Payability Seller Card

InstantAccess focuses on daily marketplace payouts.

InstandAdvance focuses on lump sum loans that is tied to your marketplace account.


Pricing & Fees

Creating an account is free. A flat fee of 1-2% of monthly sales for US sellers and 3% for non-US sellers. However, US sellers can offset their fees with the 2% cashback with their Payability Seller Card.

Benefits of Payability (InstantAccess)

The obvious benefits of InstantAccess is the daily payouts that they can provide to aid in your cash flow. It is a great way to get the money you need to buy that next inventory right away.

Without Payability, you will be waiting for 2 weeks before Amazon pays you and by then, you will probably miss the crucial holiday sales season.

Let’s list down the benefits in bullet points shall we?

  • Receive up to 90% of your earnings daily in cash
  • No long term commitment. 30 day opt out option.
  • Easy to meet initial criteria (90 days sales history & $2,000/month average)
  • Low fees of 1-3% of gross sales

InstantAccess Criteria

  • Available on:, Tophatter, Tradesy, NewEgg, Walmart, Jet and more.
  • Minimum: $2000/month in sales and 90 days of sales history 
  • Cost: 1-3% of gross sales (depending on volume and length of time as a customer) 
Source: Payability – Various supported marketplace.

Benefits of Payability (InstantAdvance)

InstantAdvance allows Payability to purchase your future marketplace receivables and give you that capital today. Great account health and sales performance can be leveraged here!

Let’s say you are expected, base on sales history, to bring in $5,000 next month. With Payability’s sellers loan programme, you can get that $5,000 today with very low fees.

Benefits can be listed below:

  • 25% of your earnings will be applied towards paying your loan every 2 weeks. Leaving you more cashflow!
  • Option to pay back in full once 50% of the loan is paid, thereby lowering the fees
  • Weekly loan fees of between 0.5% to 1% with average term of 16 weeks. (Compared to much higher loan fees of 7-10% outside)

Instantadvance Criteria

  • Available on:, Tophatter, Walmart, NewEgg, Etsy, Jet, Shopify and more. 
  • Minimum: $5000/month in sales and 6 months of sales history 
  • Cost: 1%/week for a maximum of 20 weeks (negotiable for high volume sellers) 
  • Open to U.S citizens only 

Benefits of Payability (Seller Card)

Just think a credit card without the standard credit checks on your personal or company history. This card is totally tied with your Amazon seller account.

Benefits can be listed below:

  • Up to 2% cashback on all spend with Instant Access
  • Up to 20% exclusive cashback on seller tools when a seller becomes a new customer and pays with the Seller Card 
  • 24/7/365 access to marketplace sales – including weekends and holidays 
  • Physical card sellers can use anywhere Visa is accepted
  • No credit checks and fast approval process

What does Payability do well?

Payability InstantAccess have done great for thousands of sellers by providing the very crucial daily payouts for them to purchase the next inventory and grow their business faster.

InstantAdvance have also shone in providing very low fees “loans” to marketplace sellers to also help them scale their business faster.

Both of their approval process is fast and seamless. As long as you reach their minimun criteria, you will be able to use Payability in as little as 24 hours.

In my personal opinion, they are a great alternative to business loans, credit cards and any other type of loans. It is a good option as long as you understand how it works, and that you are offering a cut of your future sales to Payability to get your cash today.

What’s the Downside of Payability and what can be improved?

Due to the complicated nature of the finance industry, Payability could do a much better job in explaining to lay-man sellers how their service works.

Most of the negative feedback about Payability comes from users who fail to understand the terms and conditions of using this service.

After much searching and researching, I came to understand that Payability works by you giving them access to your Amazon account and they have access to your funds. This could be made clearer and more transparent to their users.

Cancelling with the 30 day opt out can be a nightmare for some as well where past users have been charged hundreds in “overdraft” fees just to cancel.

Payability payday advance services for Amazon sellers is a great thing for those who need daily positive cash flow and my only wish is that they can lay out those terms and details much better so users can see immediately whether if it’s a good choice for them.

Payability Customer’s Video Testimonial

I don’t usually put these plugs in, but these testimonials can be crucial for some of you to decide if you want to jump into using Payability.

Source: Youtube – Testimonial
Source: Youtube – Testimonial
Source: Youtube – Testimonial


I hope this review have given you the facts about Payability and aided you in deciding if this is a good choice for your business. While there are nightmarish stories on Payability in the past, they seem to be genuine in improving their services and transparencies for all users, current and new.

If you would like to give them a try, do not forget to use the link below! It’s free money on them.

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