Just One Dime Review: Seth Kniep’s Course Worth It?

An honest course review from someone who actually paid and joined the course.

This is my Just One Dime Review, a new and revamped Amazon FBA course created by Seth Kniep and his team who are well known in the E-commerce space, notably selling on Amazon and selling it well.

He is well known for quitting his full time job and turning 1 dime into $1,347,318 with his journey as an entrepreneur. He also has another course, for retail arbitrage on Ebay and Amazon, but that’s for another time.

Recently, Seth Kniep launched a new course called Amazon FBA Mastery which focuses down to the details in the world of doing private label right with Amazon FBA and how you can live a life with margin for the things & people you love.

Just one Dime:
How to build Massive Passive Income on Amazon

Getting into Amazon FBA is really a great way to make passive income as I have written in my other articles.

Once the system is setup, you can easily re-order them from your already established suppliers to sell on a highly converting listing on the world’s busiest e-commerce platform; Amazon.

Just One Dime Review

Currently, Amazon FBA Mastery course by Just One Dime as Seth puts it, is specifically made for those who are really serious into getting your hands dirty and to work hard for your dreams through selling on Amazon by private labeling; or commonly understood as building a brand.

He describes this income stream as growing a tree where it may not pay off today as you put in the work, but as you continue to water your money tree, it will grow fruits that will pay you for life.

It’s a huge bonus that Seth doesn’t teach the black-hat methods as some “Gurus” so proudly do as it just isn’t sustainable in the long run and will only get your Amazon Account in the blacklist. Why risk it?

I have personally gone through tons of exclusive videos contained within the course and it really is a huge course (Total of 100+ videos which are updated MONTHLY) that has countless valuable information.

It is perfect for newbies who have just heard of Amazon FBA, and it is also as valuable to those who are already doing private labeling currently.

Believe it or not, this is a huge course with a reasonable price tag.

Like all of Seth’s videos, video quality are excellent with the option to learn with 1080P settings all the way down to 360P within the course so computers with all kinds of internet connection can load them.

And here’s the kicker: There are English SUB-TITLES in all the videos. There’s even an option for Spanish Sub-titles for some videos and I believe they are rolling them out across all the videos.

Say good bye to “I didn’t hear that properly”. Videos are hosted on private Vimeo streaming, which means they load fast and you can drag and drop to any specific time frame.

Just One Dime Video Sample with Spanish CC option

The course is split up into these major modules. These modules are dripped released (Meaning all modules will not open up at day 1) and it will help you not to get too overwhelmed with too much information and fall into this “Binge Watching” trap where you will not take actions.

It gives you time to really think through what had been taught and gives you the space to ask the right questions at your current stage.

I personally LOVE this approach and I found that it have helped me instill the discipline to really absorb the content of the video without rushing through them all at one go.

Module 1: Start (Establish your Business and Brand)

  • Strategize your brand,
  • Set up your business
  • Opening your Amazon account
  • Set up your supplier accounts
  • Accounting for your business
  • What you need to know about taxes
  • What you need to know about business insurance

Module 2: Find (Master the Market)

  • Listings & terminology
  • Product research criteria
  • Product-focused product hunt
  • Keyword-focused product hunt
  • Europe-focused product hunt
  • PPC-focused product hunt
  • Other platform-focused product hunt
  • Evaluate your research data
  • Differentiate your product

Module 3: Build (Manufacture your Product)

  • Find & negotiate with suppliers
  • Build your differentiated product
  • Set up shipping, inspections, & payments
  • Create your Amazon listing
  • Ship your product to Amazon

Module 4: Launch (Launch your Brand)

  • Understand the power of a launch
  • How to do Amazon giveaways
  • How to create seller sequences
  • How to generate floods of organic reviews
  • How to launch with PPC
  • How to analyze your PPC data
  • How to improve your listing’s ranking and
  • conversion based on PPC data
  • How to launch with Facebook ads
  • Other advanced launch strategies

Module 5: Grow (Expand your Reach)

  • Optimize your sales
  • Protect your brand
  • Deliver amazing customer service
  • Keep your Amazon account healthy
  • Expand your brand
  • How to handle IP infringement authenticity claims
  • How to handle hijackers and black hat competitors

5 Hours Weekly Live Coaching

This is the deal breaker here. On top of the course videos, everyday a coach will go live for one hour where he or she will focus down (As in laser focus) into a particular subject matter and you can freely ask any questions at the Q and A part of the live-streaming.

A screenshot of what this looks like inside the members area. Replays are also available for you to watch at your own convenient time.

It is broken up to the category of the day as such:

  • Mondays: Start: Establish your business and brand
  • Tuesdays: Find: Master the market
  • Wednesdays: Build: Manufacture your product
  • Thursdays: Launch: Launch your brand
  • Fridays: Grow: Expand your reach

These are all recorded and saved in the membership page so even if you cannot make it for the scheduled timing, you can still catch the little golden nuggets of wisdom at these live-streams.

Access to Secret Private Facebook Group

No, it isn’t the public Just One Dime Facebook group. Just in case you are interested in this public group, here’s the link.


Follow him on Instagram too where he share nuggets of wisdom DAILY for free.

Snapshot of the JOD public Facebook Group

Coaches mostly focus on questions in the secret Facebook group, but you will occasionally see them post on the public group.

It is so secret that I am not even able to post it in my personal review. Once you have registered for the course, you will get an E-mail with specific instructions to join this group and you will officially be a “warrior”.

Many courses have this type of Facebook group going and I have joined numerous ones.

However, Just One Dime’s group is vastly different from the rest. In this secret Facebook group by invite only, Just One Dime have hand-picked coaches (It was about 11 Coaches at the time of writing) who are doing very well selling on Amazon FBA who will answer any questions you may have at any stage of this journey.

This course isn’t built on 1 man only, but by a team of coaches and “warriors” who will encourage you when you need it and who will answer any queries you have.

I don’t even see a single post without comments for more than 6 hours in this group, which is very impressive considering that many other courses have got questions posted with no answers for more than a week.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with this training and you don’t see results after going through this training, you can ask Seth for a full refund. 100% guaranteed, no questions asked, except for one.

Telling them how they can improve.

Quite a safe investment if you ask me.

Just One Dime a Scam?

After overcoming my skepticism and joining this course, I can 100% say NO, this is not a scam.

This is a genuine training course from a well respected company built by a well respected gentlemen.

The value you will get in this course far outweighs the investment you are going to put in. The knowledge will follow you throughout your lifetime and you can apply it multiple times. Plus, there’s a 30 day money back guarantee.

I do have a caveat here: If you are not willing to work hard, this course is not for you. Definitely not a get rich quick type of nonsense.

Is there a Discount Coupon?

There are many coupon and deals site that claim there are (They are really just “cookie stuffing” you), but I can assure you that there isn’t one. At least not yet, while I try to get one for my readers. However, do follow the link below if you think this was helpful.

Just One Dime Deal
Just One Dime Deal
Deal Activated Below

The only existing coupons available are for subscribed members for the retail arbitrage course and the other add-on services which Just One Dime provides.

Final Thoughts

Just One dime is a great course for anyone who is thinking about starting an Amazon FBA business or for someone who is already doing it. While everyone seems to be freaking out about the price tag, give this a little thought.

If you were to do this on your own, how much money would you lose before you will learn the right way? Why not invest in the knowledge and live personal advice to avoid the mistakes you would have made. That’s a huge money saver, but most importantly, a TIME Saver.

Which will you choose to get floor 50?

Elevator or Stairs?

I’m guessing you’ll probably take the elevator, just like how 99.9% of the people who took this quiz said they would. And it’s logical because…

Taking the elevator is the most convenient and direct way right? You don’t have to dread how many flight of stairs you got to clear before you reach your goal.

But the irony is…

People don’t necessarily do what they say.

Most people who are eager to start the business quickly end up taking the ‘stairs’ to reach the top. Instead of learning from an expert who have been there and done that.

Instead of equipping themselves with the right education, here’s the truth…

Many new entrepreneurs believe in figuring things out on their own.

And I don’t blame them, because that’s where I was before I sought the council of the wise. I thought I really am that smart to figure things out as I go, but all it got me into was money and time wasted…

I ate the humble pie and accepted that I needed help to get the results I hope to achieve. Seth provided just that for me and I have avoided countless mistakes worth in the THOUSANDS.

Think about this in your shower time, sleep over this information and even come back to read through it again and again. But, when you feel you are ready, be ready to action and for an adventurous ride of your life.

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2 thoughts on “Just One Dime Review: Seth Kniep’s Course Worth It?”

  1. Thank you for the comprehensive review. I am on the fence about this and would really like to research more about Just One Dime course before fully committing but your review answered a few of my questions. May I know if this training is suitable for a complete newbie with no experience like me?

    1. Hello Catherine,

      Appreciate your kind words. This training is great for a complete newbie, just as when I first started. With the course, I am currently on the way to launching my first product with a huge potential following the recommendations laid out in the course. It is definitely newbie friendly.

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