Pageoneify Review & Discounts – Amazon Product Launching Service: Is it worth it?

You will agree with me that undertaking an Amazon product launch is an exciting venture; everyone is pumped, motivated and ready to start making some serious money! 

When potential buyers visit Amazon, they usually have one objective: to buy a specific product. The only question which remains is: who will they buy it from?

If you want them to buy from you, then you need to take advantage of Pageoneify’s knowledge of the principles of Amazon’s A9 ranking algorithm, the algorithm which powers Amazon’s search engine and search results.

The first page of search results on Amazon is an absolute gold mine as over 80% of all sales happen on the first page. The first two results alone account for over 65% of all sales.

So how do you rank on the first page of Amazon search results? How do you get your products on the first page of Amazon search results?

Achieving a page one listing for your products on an Amazon search is a little more involved than simply putting together a great product listing.

Amazon algorithms take a large number of factors into account when ranking your product within its listings. But, with Pageoneify, you can start moving your products up the rankings and land them on the first page of search results.

Before we begin, do follow the link below to be eligible for your own discounted launch today!

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So without further delay, let us undertake a review of Pageoneify.

What Is Pageoneify And How Does It Work?

Pageoneify is a professional Amazon product launch service.

They have the expert knowledge and technical know-how to rank your product organically to page one of Amazon search results when launching your product. They do this with the following;

Keyword Research:

This is one of the biggest ways that Amazon determines a listing’s relevance to a given product search.

It’s only when search queries match the keywords contained within the product listings that a product can be found. The more relevant the match, the higher that product will appear in the rankings.

Pageoneify will research what keywords your customers are searching for, and implement those into your product listing.

Shoppers generally don’t browse through pages of search results to find what they’re looking for. They want to find the best product quickly, so it’s important that your listing appears on the first page of search results.

Because Amazon shoppers will generally look in specific places for information – namely the product title and picture, Amazon prioritizes these locations as more important keyword spots.

Pageoneify will ensure that your product title includes keywords that are immediately relevant to your listed product.

Customized PPC Campaigns:

Pageoneify PPC Campaign makes use of ad campaigns to draw more customers to your product listing.

Pageoneify designs a fully customized and well-coordinated PPC campaign with relevant keywords to boost your sales to relevant buyers.

Furthermore, with Pageoneify’s help with your own personalized PPC ads, visibility improvements for your products happen very quickly, depending on how high the bids on specific keywords are. (Which they will advise)

The drawback with PPC campaigns is that they require a budget, as you pay per click (PPC – pay per click). But you got to invest money to make money especially to rank organically on page 1.

Here are some fundamental steps to note in working with Pageoneify;

1.  Go to and hit Rank My product.

2.  Choose your pricing; I recommend PPC + Keyword Launch ($700 Discount via link) and you will receive an excel spreadsheet with all the Keywords you need with their research.

3.  A specialist will be in touch with you to agree on a keyword for PPC and the number of giveaways they recommend to get to rank 1.

4.  Once you both agree on a keyword, you’ll need to supply coupon codes for your product for the giveaway route if you choose so.

5.  Your product launch is underway – give it the full 8 days to check your keyword ranking.

The benefits of Pageoneify

The Launch Service that PageOneify offers have the following benefits:

  • Drives real external traffic to your listings. Pageoneify advertises pro-actively on Facebook and other leading social media sites towards customers interested in your product and not just discount hunters, so buyers come from fresh Facebook advertising, not the same old audience being used again and again. Amazon Loves this!
  • Buyers do not buy from a super URL as this does not seem to be working anymore, your buyers search and buy generically.
  • Pageoneify creates an epic and fully customized PPC campaign that drives sales and enable buyers to click on your PPC listing. Pageoneify offers a PPC Concierge service where they give you the keywords and strategy for your launch campaigns (only in the $497 package)
  • Pageoneify gives you personalized attention whenever you need it. With highly knowledgeable and friendly staffs, you get 24 hours support.
  • Pageoneify uses its own URL to replicate organic Searches.
  • Money back guarantee.
  • Your giveaways would be the required amount necessary. You won’t do giveaways more than you need to.
  • And lastly, Pageoneify is very much affordable for the success it can bring.

Downside of Pageoneify and how it can be Improved

Pageoneify will definitely improve your sales rank and try as much to get you to page one for your chosen keyword; however, you need to start making organic sales once your products are ranked to maintain the position.

You just have to sell and maintain sales, your product listing, photos, reviews, and price has to be good, and your product has to be in demand. Pageoneify can advice on this, but it is not their obligation to. A course like this can definitely teach you how though.

That is just how it is, and it is essentially the nature of how Amazon ranks your product.

Amazon basically tracks your sales records of the last seven days, and if you are selling consistently and higher than your competitors, you will remain at the top level for a longer period; on the other hand, if you are not making organic sales, you will lose your rank.

So tips to stay at the top could be given as advise to sellers and not be disillusioned about simply getting Pageoneify’s service and expect to stay at the top.

It is a known fact that Amazon A9 is a maturing algorithm; frequent and unpredictable updates are a common point of concern for many sellers on Amazon.

In turn, Pageoneify should do their best to include the most up-to-date recommendations and tips based on both Amazon’s documentation and their own observations based on previous experience over the years and after managing thousands of Amazon listings.

A9 is the name of the algorithm Amazon uses for product search. As mentioned earlier, it’s definitely a maturing algorithm and will continue to become more complex over time. Even the best SEO software and tools will have a hard time predicting the future; therefore, Pageoneify should constantly take note of any change to the algorithm and regularly update their services to suit the most current algorithm.

Is it Worth it?

Discounted Pricing for Pageoneify’s service with the link

Pageoneify is definitely a highly recommended service for your Amazon product launch if this is your first product or you are pressed for time to do your own launch.

As stated earlier, 70% of Amazon consumers never scroll past the first page of results. These numbers are mind-blowing and prove just how important optimizing your products for the Amazon A9 search engine is.

Pageoneify guarantees that your listed product will rank and your sales rank will increase with their technical expertise.

It is important to note that more than half of U.S. online consumers begin their product searches on Amazon; as a result, Amazon’s competition among sellers continues to grow as time goes on and as the platform grows in popularity.

If you’re about to dive into the Amazon market, or you’ve failed many times and didn’t understand why, then Pageoneify is for you.

It’s a fantastic Amazon launch product, an all-in-one package that can skyrocket your product sales and sales rank on Amazon. Try it now if you feel this is right for you, and you won’t regret your decision.

Pageoneify-logo$200 or $700 Discount
Keyword Launch Plan with $200 Discount & PPC + Keyword Launch Plan with $700 Discount
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